Game-Play and Work-Performance
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Single Learner License
1 free Game Bundle
5 Games X 3 plays per game
Add bundles as you go


1 learner license

Included 10 Learners Licenses
Plus One Free Manager License
1 free Game Bundle
5 Games X 3 plays per game for all users


per user per month

PAKRA® Console and PAKRA®
available anytime; easy configuration; no ongoing IT support needed
  • Training and coaching management
  • OneView® of all learners
  • Friends, social sharing and gamification
  • Statistical analyses, reports, export, dashboard
  • Add more learners for $100.00 per learner license
  • Add more game bundles and gameplays for $500.00 per game bundle
  • Add-ons: Learning Communications to upload, assign, analyze learning content and quizzes
    ($2,000.00 for initial setup)
  • Add-ons: Performance Metrics to upload, manage, analyze business KPIs at learner level ($2,000.00 for initial setup)
  • Monthly utilization for your entire company: $250.00 per month
*Base Purchase ($1,500.00) with 11 free users, 12 months ($2,700.00), 1 free game bundle.
Reduce per user per month price to $14.00
by purchasing additional users and game bundles.
Unlimited Use
Unlimited plays


per user per year

**Additional charges for customization and integration.
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