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She is running between her patients and has been on her feet all day. She ain't got time for nothing.

Does she have cash? Charge it or Cash? It is the Holidays. She wants to buy gifts for her son. She calls her Bank: Best National Bank.

Will she be cheered up for the Holidays?
Day in the Life of Maya
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All of a sudden, her laptop is excruciatingly slow. Really! Not Good. She has to meet deadlines. She has places to go. She has things to do. She has no time for virus attacks.

What should she do? Who to call? She calls 1800CalmNow Tech Services.

Can she meet her deadline?
Day in the Life of Stephanie
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He manages Investment bank's data networks and connectivity. He cannot walk 1 feet outside his office, without someone stopping him and telling him about some connectivity issue. Where is the time to think this through?

Not another call! Seriously! Why should he answer?

Can you stop him from being a firefighter?
Day in the Life of Wylie
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Read the above stories to understand your customers.

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